Careers and Vacancies

Employees of the company are the main resource of the Research and Design Institute “PEGAZ”, so we give significant priority to the development and training of personnel, supporting the desire of employees to improve their knowledge and professional skills.


One of the main priorities of R&D Institute "PEGAZ" in the field of work with personnel is carrying out good personnel policy to ensure an optimal balance of renewal processes and keeping the number of personnel, high quality personnel structure according to requirements of the company, current legislation and the condition of employment market.


The main objective of the personnel policy is to provide the company with the conscientious, qualified, responsible, efficient employees and to create optimal conditions for employees to perform their duties successfully.


The process of recruitment, hiring and placement of personnel is an integral part of personnel management system, the final aim is to form a united team of professionals that meets the requirements for qualifications, work experience, educational level and personal qualities.


Multilevel method of personnel recruitment allows the company to assess the level of knowledge, qualifications and experience of candidates, their compliance with the requirements of the post.


Activity in this area includes training of the personnel of the Company during the entire period of their work activity according to constantly increasing requirements specifics of the development of our Company, introduction of innovations in the field of human resource management.


Training of personnel is carried out by organizations that have licenses to provide educational services. The management of the company helps to evaluate  performance of each employee, identify personal potential, opportunities of professional growth.


The personnel of the organization consists of highly qualified specialists. Special attention is given to young specialists.  Professionals with wide experience of work in design create conditions for career development to young specialists by training them and transferring experience to them. To increase the prestige and ensure the effective activity, the R&D Institute "PEGAZ" forms a corporate environment that ensures the joining of the interests of employees and the company. Social programs provide guarantees in the field of compensation, industrial health and safety, event for the employees. R&D Institute "PEGAZ" welcomes talented, ambitious, keen professionals who share the values of the company and are ready to apply their knowledge, experience and opportunities for the solution of objective

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