Modular bitumen unit

modular bitumen unit


For implementation of the modular complex for production of bitumen oil R&D Institute “PEGAZ” has developed a technology of preparation of oxidized road bitumen with gas-liquid cavitation-vortex device (GLCVA).


this technology allows:


  • to increase productivity of the unit for raw materials and the output of finished products (bitumen) due to a more complete oxidation of bitumen directly in the zone of contact with air supplied for oxidation;
  • to reduce energy costs for heating of raw materials by reducing oxidation reaction temperature by 20-30 ° C and reducing the amount of air supplied for oxidation;
  • reduce air emissions by reducing the amount of oxidation gases sent for recycling to the incinerator;
  • to reduce significantly formation of the by-product - black diesel fuel and reduce the removal of its vapors due to use of a drop trap in the separator;
  • to achieve a stable quality of the obtained bitumen to the requirements of modern improved bitumen materials and bases for the production of polymer-bitumen binders (PBB);
  • to implement the method while preserving the existing column equipment, changing only the internal devices of the columns;
  • to implement block-modular execution of the unit and subsequently to optimize the costs of the project and to reduce the time of construction and installation on the construction site.



implementation of a block-modular execution


methods of engineering:


  • Block-modular execution of the unit;
  • Optimal scheme of a block-modular supply and erection.


manufacturing and testing:


  • Manufacturing, erection and testing are carried out outside the construction site block by block;
  • Technological modules are equipped with automation and instrumentation, electrical equipment with connection of cable products at the Customer s site;
  • Tests are carried out at the plant and then delivered to the erection site.


advantages of the approach:


  • Optimal layout solution according to the existing rules and regulations, which allows to optimize capital and operating costs;
  • Maintaining of high quality;
  • Reduction of erection time at the construction site;
  • Reduction of labor costs at the construction site;
  • Reduction of the required number of highly qualified personnel for erection works on site.


technological modules:


  • Simple erection works make installation easier;
  • Possibility of commissioning after connection to the outside battery limits.


advantages of the offered complex


  • The proposed complex is designed for any capacity up to 300 thousand tons / year;
  • The complex is designed for continuous production;
  • The complex is proposed in an advanced operational readiness;
  • Mobility of the complex, minimal construction costs.


The proposed technology based on the use of Gas Liquid Vortex Cavitation Apparatus (GLVCA) is implemented and successfully operated at:


  • «Lukoil – Permnefteorgsintez», LLC, Perm;
  • «Lukoil Volgogradneftepererabotka», LLC, Volgograd;
  • «Lukoil Ukhta NPZ», LLC, Ukhta;
  • «Bitumen Plant» Bugulma (PJSC «Tatneft»);
  • Oil and Gas Production Boards «Elkhovneft», Almetyevsk (PJSC «Tatneft»);
  • Unitary Subsidiary Enterprise «Ferganskij NPZ», Fergana, Republic of Uzbekistan;


  •  PJSC ANC «Bashneft» «Bashneft-Ufaneftekhim».